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Irish War of Independence IRA Republican Medal Ireland

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Irish War of Independence IRA Republican Medal Ireland Picture(s) and Description:


Click here to get eBay templates at Auctiva.com Poignant symbol of a pivotal moment in Irish History and one of the most prestigious pieces of Irish Memorabilia for one to call their own. The War of Independence was a sporadic guerrilla campaign that lasted from January 1919 until July 1921. This is an ORIGINAL medal awarded to an IRA volunteer in this war. First, let us stress, this is a 100% ORIGINAL Irish War of Independence Medal. There are many fakes on eBay and elsewhere due to the rocketing values attached to them. THIS IS NOT one of those fakes. This is 100% ORIGINAL War of Independence Medal. Look at our feedback on eBay. We would not risk our reputation selling a fake on eBay. This is 100% genuine so bid with confidence. The Medal belonged to Cpl. Joe? Quinlan - "E" Coy. We have his 50th year survivor medal also which will be listed in the next day or two. A project for the new owner would be to do some research on this volunteer. The fact he was a Corporal means there should definately be some info on him out there. The medal came from Athlone and we believe this is where he was from. The War On 21 January 1919, the IRA shot dead 2 Irish policemen in county Tipperary, and this marked the beginning of what is now known as the War of Independence. The Catholic Church condemned the IRA, and the locals, who knew exactly who the IRA men involved were, were also appalled. However the British clamped down hard in response and soon a guerrilla war was underway in counties Cork and Tipperary. With the post-war British army in a shambles, they were only willing to send over groups of ex-First World War solders to fight. The combination of black police uniforms and tan army outfits gave rise to the term 'Black and Tans' for these men. The 'Black and Tans' were undisciplined and often shot innocent civilians in reprisal for attacks on them. These attacks helped to create and then strengthen local support for the IRA. In 1920 the IRA, led by a Corkman named Michael Collins, concluded that the war was not having the desired effect and decided to intensify the war. On 21 November 1920, the IRA shot dead 11 British agents. In reprisal, a group of Black and Tans fired randomly into a crowd of civilians at a Gaelic football match at Croke Park, Dublin. 12 people were killed and the day became known as Bloody Sunday. (Not to be confused with another Bloody Sunday much later.) Ten days later the IRA shot dead 17 British soldiers in county Cork. The war came to a conclusion when Michael Collins went to London to negotiate, the result - "The Irish Free State" now known as the Republic of Ireland. This left 6 counties in the North under British rule. A partial victory for some but an inexcusable compromise for many others. This of course, led to the very sad Irish Civil War coming to a head with the notable death of the leader of the Free State - Michael Collins and so began 80 years of armed and diplomatic struggle for a United Ireland, one generation after another. On 21st January 1941, the Irish Government announced the creation of a medal for those who took part in the War of Independence. In bronze and an unwieldy 41mm in diameter. Known as the 'Black and Tan' medal or War of Independence service medal. In the centre of the medal a figure purported to be typical of the Irish flying column of the period, erect and facing front. He wears a trench coat and a cap, leggings, boots, and a Sam Brown belt, has a bandolier over his shoulder, a holstered pistol at his right side and a slung rifle at his left. Across the middle of the medal is the word 'EIRE' and in the squares around are the arms of the four provinces of Ireland, Ulster, Munster, Leinster and Connaught. Below are the words "COGAD NA SAOIRSE" meaning the Fight for Freedom. The back is plain with a spray of palm leaves around the left edge. Half black, half tan. These colours of the ribbon are symbolic of the Black and Tans, one of the most feared organisations ever used in Ireland. They were an irregular and specially recruited force of ex-soldiers who were dressed in a mix of army khaki tan and police dark blue and who were engaged in activities which were not to the taste of the regular army. Complete - boxed with compliment slip. Everything is here. The principle of supply and demand proves itself with medals reaching soaring figures, year on year. Worldwide demand is leaving an already small supply dwindling rapidly. The 100th year anniversary is 10 years away and is sure to lead to a doubling in interest so they make an excellent investment too. The price you pay today reflecting hard times is almost certain to prove shrewd and result in a profitable sale in more prosporous times if you desire to sell. A great item to own and a great investment! It is being sold with a relatively low reserve so it shall travel to a new home somewhere out there in just 10 days time! A must have emblem of the War of Independence led by Michael Collins, which for the first time in 800 years of rebellion led to the establishment of a Free State. Corporal Quinlian took part in this war for his love and passion for his country and belief in Irish freedom. He and other patriots who took part will always be remembered for their service to their country in every Irish History book. It is a very special piece and a symbol of a pivotal war in our history. Stunning in a framed display or display case, these are a special addition to any home, business or collection. Shipping via DHL 3 Day Express Courier Service which is traced to your door. Shipping is free. Best of luck, low reserve so it will be winging its way to its new owner in just days! Any questions just mail us! Good luck!

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